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5 days left!

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Today I have for the first time in two months talking to my brother on the phone. Now there are only five days left until the departure date. Mom started packing a month ago. I have not started. Clothing is nothing and think about. There will be around 25 degrees when we get there and in the meantime we will be there. Mostly sunny. Lovely! We have decided to go to Shanghai a few days. It is the paradise of shopping!!! Marc Jacobs, Burberry, Ralph Lauren and other brand shops are plentiful. So it's not just fake. Shop till you drop! But just to getting to  the other side of the world, is an experience and I am really looking forward to just get hang out with two of the most important people in my life and have so much fun.
Today I asked my brother if he could take me to a bar one night.
answer was: "I do not know if I dare to take you there!" Ha ha. There's not much more to say. I have not got there yet. But when I arrived, I will try to be as active as possible. Write a lot and of course take lots of pictures. It will be awesome!

Love Denise

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