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    I just created my profile, how do I create travel journals?

    1. First you need to create a Travel
    2. Then click Traveljournals in your controlpanel under the new Travel
    3. Click the Google Map where you want the journal to be placed.
    4. If asked for country, select and click OK.
    5. Fill in all fields and click Save.


    Can I upload unlimited photos?

    Yes you can. If you choose 'small' before you upload, it wont cost any credits. As a consequence the saved photos will be a bit smaller.


    How do I delete my profile?

    1. Login
    2. Click Profile
    3. Choose Information
    4. Press the button 'Delete User' in the right column.


    I have just updated my Travellog, but my visitors have not received an update email.

    Update emails (notifications) is only sent out 3 times a day to avoid repeated emails. It happens at 07am, 04pm and 10pm CET.


    Is it possible to have two users on a Travellog?

    Yes. The idea is that when more than one person is traveling, they create a profile each.
    Then one of them creates a new Travel, and then adds the other persons as Travellers.


    Whats the difference on the two upload functions?

    The simple uploader should work everywhere, but is slow with larger photos.
    The normale uploader is using Java to make the upload easier and much faster. If this works on your PC we highly recommend it.